Chrono Trigger
Millenial Fair

Immediately, I am presented with a critical choice. Attacking if I'm not ready sounds awfully unsporting of those monsters, but I can't let them think I'm chicken. Nobody calls me chicken, nobody!

After being woken by his mother, Crono discovered that he had been granted the supernatural ability to walk through solid matter. I was hoping that this was the game recognizing my incredible skill and rewarding me, but alas, it was simply an old walk through walls code that I left on by mistake.

Chrono meets some crazy lady who screams whenver she feels joy. Unfortunately for her, she's glued to that chair and won't ever get to see the Millenial Fair.

What a totally random thing to say. I'll just forget all about that, seeing as how that bit of information will never be of use to me.

I totally agree, man. It's not like there are any wizards now, and since there's no way to go back in time to have an epic battle with one in his own lair, why even worry about it?

Some perverted old lady is blocking the candy!

Crono stares in confusion as Lucca asks for more power, while Taban just hammers the ground repeatedly with a dazed look on his face.