Chrono Trigger
400 years earlier...

Of all the countless weapons, armor, and items in the universe, there could not have been a better outcome.

All Crono is going to have to do is get some sunglasses and stare his enemies into submission.

Crono is distressed to find that the world of the past is so polluted that you can see the fumes in the air. It even causes your body to melt and deform when you walk outside of town.

And now we see where Taban got his love of hammering from. Useful for a blacksmith, not as useful for delicate machinery.

We've had a real problem lately with people buying swords but forgetting that you actually have to hold it and swing it to kill stuff.

Poor Queen Leene. Ever since she started drinking, things have gone downhill.

Didn't that used to be called a lock?

Ah, the Queen's recovered from her drunken wandering in the mountains.

Hmm, sounds like it might make for some good reality TV!

Guardia Castle food... lab rat tested, dead guy approved!

What an odd way of saying that. Almost as if it was a videogame with an overhead view, as opposed to reality. But that's insane.

The chef actually did think of ice cream first, but apparently, Marle just loves crushed monster eyeballs.

And then Marle exploded.

Not really, just the fact that she exploded.

Okay gang, does anyone know how to step over these spikes? No? Alright, then...

The monster was so suprised and angry that it choked on it's dinner!

Another bit of information that could not possibly be relevant to us. Onward.

Who the hell are you talking to, lady?

Being trapped in a fridge is really scary.

Yeah, they'll probably never invent one. Not even in the distant future that we certainly won't be visiting in the next couple hours.

After the Jerky shortage of 520AD, who can blame him?

I want to be the mayor.

Did they actually come out and ask her who was the person she hated the most?

Thank God for these useful signs.

No, please not the walking trashcans, anything but that!

What are we looking at?

Crono isn't scared, he's just a HUGE fan of medieval technology.

It was awfully nice of the Chancellor and his friends to volunteer to be the bridge.

And now he's practicing his facial expressions.