Chrono Trigger
Our bright future and the End of Time

Wow, the future is AWESOME! Psycho robots, barren land, and probably toxic stuff flying through the air. And to think, I would've missed all this normally.

Jeez, how long can it have been since you've eaten?

Aww, it's CUTE! I'm sure I have a hamster cage somewhere...

Sonic the Hedgehog finally SNAPS and wipes out the entire world.

See, I told you it was worth taking the scenic route!

Hey, isn't that one of those robots that are hard to build? Man, I never would've guessed we'd run into one of those.

This critter doesn't hate Crono and friends, he just doesn't want to be turned into long lasting batteries.

Does that mean that the end result of the universe and all existance is this room and that old guy and the lamp?

I... thought that people who used magic were called wizards... if you're a regular guy and you learn magic, aren't you a wizard then? Doesn't this all mean that the only people allowed to use magic is anyone who wants to?

Man, he looked absolutely heartbroken and Crono and Marle don't even notice.