Early Mysidia

*Background information*
Starting point: Baron Castle
Timing: Game introduction before departing with Kain
Methods used: Walk through walls code, save manipulation

This use of WTW takes us around the guards and lets us leave the castle without Kain

I tried this first but I had forgotten that you're always allowed in there. It just doesn't work at this point in the storyline.

Here we "cheat" and generate some modes of transportation.

And arrive at Mysidia.

Our first unusual event. They shouldn't be there. I do remember that they automatically walk out to meet you during the Lunar Whale sequence. This must be related. This is the first of many unusual dialogue errors.

I have no idea why it's pulling something from the Paladin part of the story when we haven't been to Mt. Ordeals.

As we head inside, we see the normal versions of these mages are there with the elder. If you talk to him, he gives you the whole speech about becoming a Paladin and Palom and Porom will join. That's a story for another time.

This is a perfect opportunity to go somewhere we are not supposed to be for a very long time.

And there they are again. These folks must be quadruplets or something. This looks to be a leftover from the attack on Mysidia during the intro. At some point during normal gameplay, this area must reset, but at this point, it's still set up for Cecil to attack and steal the crystal. Here comes a fascinating part.

This one really had me laughing because I absolutely did not see it coming. Everyone in the crystal room is pulling dialogue from after the Kainazzo battle. Let's see what white mage says.


We aren't allowed to grab the crystal, though it is present. If we head to the next room, we see even more mages and I think the third elder. These Mysidians breed like rabbits but this group has nothing to say to you.