Early Mysidia Spinoff: The Twins

*Background information*
Starting point: Mysidia
Timing: After reaching Mysidia during game intro (see previous entry)
Methods used: Walk through walls code

We've reached the crystal room after getting to Mysidia during the game's introduction, before leaving for Mist. Let's see what happens if we talk to the Elder in a place we would not normally find him. He goes through his speech and then calls the twins to help you on Mt. Ordeals. Seems normal so far. But in reality, the game's mind has just been blown.

Notice the guard who's appeared in our scene.

Cecil could be having a stroke, but apparently the game is pulling dialogue from wherever, desperately trying not to completely crash.

I like to imagine it's the Cid-Guard speaking everyone's roles.

And some more of that.

That dude who's appeared on top keeps switching back and forth from guard to shopkeeper. He and the other guard are what the game came up with when trying to bring on Palom and Porom's sprites.

And it seems to have failed in an attempt to get dialogue from the usual areas. Were you to continue playing, you would find Palom and Porom in your party and things seeming stable enough.