The Fabul Incident

*Background information*
Starting point: Baron Castle
Timing: Game introduction before departing with Kain
Methods used: Walk through walls code, save manipulation

Same as in previous adventures, we're leaving Baron castle during the intro sequence and heading to a later area. This time, we'll see what happens if we get to Fabul a little early.

If you walk on the wrong tile, the game will automatically start the defense of Fabul event, which plays out mostly the same and isn't worth noting here. However, if you talk to the king directly, something else happens. And it seems to happen any time I talk to a king in this game using this method. He turns into...

Yes. Getting a little old, isn't it? I think that in the world of FF4, you can't rule a country without secretly being Kainazzo.

Same old speech until...

It looks like this Kainazzo might be missing a few marbles. I'll spare you the images of my maxed out Dark Knight Cecil slaughtering the boss.

This is where things really get unusual. This particular bit of dialogue is kind of hilarious because it makes it seem like Cecil is the one who wounded the king by fighting his Kainazzo form. You'll see that Cecil has turned into a Pig. This usually happens during events where he's supposed to be a Paladin, so I'm not entirely sure why it happens now, except that the game is just really confused at this point.

The game is usually able to get some dialogue, even if it's wrong, but sometimes it just gets stuff like that for a couple of text boxes.

Notice the King is backwards on his throne for some reason.

Nothing to see here, folks, just some people stuck in the wall. I actually cheated and flew over Mt. Hobbs, so this guy is mistaken. In case you were wondering.

Just some random dialogue from this general part of the game. I don't know if the game thinks I've defended Fabul or killed Kainazzo or some mix of both. If I were to kill the actual false king in Baron, Fabul's king becomes invisible. There's some weird connection between the "King" sprites in this game. Even the sprite of Edge's father in the Tower of Babil will initiate a Kainazzo battle if spoken to directly.

Somehow we warp back to Baron so the twins can get turned to stone again. This happens whenever Kainazzo is defeated, even if it's in the Tower of Babil. Everyone just appears in the Wall Room.