Damcyan and Mist

*Background information*
Starting point: Baron Castle
Timing: Game introduction before departing with Kain
Methods used: Walk through walls code, save manipulation

Feel like a broken record here. We're leaving Baron castle before the intro is finished, generating an airship and flying to some new areas. Our first little experiment is with Damcyan. I found this out by accident. Land the airship in the spot that normally triggers the Red Wings to attack...

They do, as usual.

But their explosive weaponry causes your airship to become a glowing fire-ship of doom.

And it even stays that way as you fly around!

We're pretty much done with Damcyan, but if you were curious, you can enter the castle in it's undamaged form.

Unfortunately, it is of course still damaged on the inside. Anna is there waiting to die before an audience. If you talk to her, the game crashes pretty instantly.

The next part of our mini-adventure is in Mist. I had a theory about what might happen to the airship in this case. Let's park it in a very stable spot.

And we burn down the village (population about 5) as normal.

Hmm. That could certainly present a problem.