This is a little post I made on the Port Saiid forums in 2007. Just some minor oddities and observations about FF1's level designs, mainly stuff you can't see through normal play.

There aren't any big revelations, and you may have seen some of these on other sites. This did get me thinking about what it would be like to be one of the designers of this game.

At the far east side of the town of Melmond, the water continues past the town zigging and zagging before coming to a random end. I'm pretty sure this isn't all visible from normal gameplay, but they probably wanted to add extra to guarantee that you wouldn't see the water stop.

This is not my discovery, but in the Ice Cave, there is an extra copy of the Fairy that gets you the oxyale. She is stuck in a random spot way off of the normal playable area.

Hooray for random fencing at the top of the screen. This could actually be something from the south part of town wrapping around. It's been a couple years and I can't remember if I ever tested that. :)

And again. You can see some of this normally, but not the top bit of fence.

There is a bat in the Marsh Cave that is flying around outside of the normal map.

Probably another case of abundance of caution, but the water at Onrac continues flowing way into the unreachable parts of the map. Interesting that it changes shape at the end even though you can't possibly see it. Also interesting that it turns out to be more a river than the sea. :)

She must move immediately and before you can even get to her, but one of the NPC's initial position is inside of a tree.

Image from the far right side of the first floor of Coneria Castle. When playing, if you walk to the far left wall, you can't tell in-game, but it's actually wrapping around to the very far right side of the map. Initially, I thought that this was an unused bit of corridor.

I can't remember which town/castle it was in, but I found this random bit of water that did not appear to be a case of wraparound.

Looks like every one of the Cardia islands are linked together on the same overall map screen.

There are some empty spaces for more clinics (and inns, etc.) that are all filled with what appears on the surface to be the same random, very high gold cost. There's probably some technical reason why this number is used.

The Xcalibur was supposed to do extra damage to every category of creature: Undead, Giant, etc. It also appears that it would have strength against all elements. These don't work for any weapons due to coding problems, but it might have made the Xcalibur and Masamune compare differently than they do now, as Masamune would have had none of these added benefits.