FF4 Oddities
FF4 Oddities

Invading the King's Privacy- A comically written introduction to this section of the site. Let's see what happens if we refuse the order to go to Mist.

Early Mysidia- A slightly more serious look at what happens if Cecil visits Mysidia far earlier than is normally allowed.

Mysidia Spinoff: The Twins- A look at some more Mysidian oddities.

Intermission: Crazy Glitch Screens- With such heavy use of walk through walls, I sometimes found myself in bizarre locations.

The Fabul Incident- This time we see what happens if we visit Fabul right at the start of the game. FF4's royalty is seriously messed up.

Damcyan and Mist mini-adventure- A brief look at some of the oddities we can see visiting these areas out of sequence.