Dragon Quest I Walkthrough
Based on "Dragon Quest I and II" for the Super Famicom
Author: CB007
August 01, 2002
Version 1.00 Final


1.00 Final Update: Added information on finding the Fighter's Ring and Cursed Belt. Also fixed up the spells section and improved the walkthrough in general.

Sadly, this will be my last update for this Walkthrough. It was the first one I tried writing and it turned out better than expected, though I obviously have much to improve on. I will attempt writing something for a more complex role-playing game next. Thank you for reading.

0.93 Update: Added list of weapons and armor available in each town, and how much they cost to purchase

0.92 Update: Added more information on finding the Silver Harp



Before Starting Out...
Beginning of the Quest
Exploring New Areas
Through the Swamp Cave
The Fighter's Ring
Saving Princess Gwaelin
Onward to Cantlin
Erdrick's Armor
Erdrick's Token
The Stones of Sunlight
The Silver Harp
Sun and Rain Meet
The Dragonlord's Lair
Hero of Alefgard


List of Magic Spells and when you learn them.
Locations and cost of all equipment that can be bought.



This guide is based on the Super Famicom version of Dragon Quest, but can also be used for the NES and GBC versions. The main difference in this game compared to the NES version is the amount of Experience and Gold received, but there are some other alterations as well. Keep in mind that the NES version is a good deal more challenging, so if you happen to be using that version, you might want to level up more than what's suggested in this guide.

I will be using the names of items, people, and places that were seen in the NES version of Dragon Warrior. This is a basic walkthrough allowing you to get through the game as quickly and easily as possible.

I just want to say before beginning that despite it's age, this is one of the finest games I've played. It's the reason I became interested in RPG's and I recommend playing it regardless of what version you use.



There are certain things you should keep in mind while going through the game.

First, save as often as possible, even if itís not specifically mentioned in the walkthrough. True, it's a pain to have to go all the way back to Tantagel, but it's possible to be killed quite unexpectedly.

You should always stock up on items. Even if you donít see an immediate need for them, have lots of Medical Herbs and Torches for emergency situations. If you run out of MP in a cave, it can mean the difference between getting out alive or being defeated by monsters. Also stock up on Magic Keys once you have access to them, so you won't have to stop whatever you're doing to buy them later.

Be sure to stay near a town when leveling up, or at least conserve enough MP to cast the Return spell.

Finally, when you have large amounts of gold and aren't planning on making purchases, put it into storage. This way, if you are defeated by enemies, you won't lose much GP at all.


You begin the game in the throne room of Tantagel Castle. After the king is done speaking about the need to defeat the Dragonlord, open the three treasure chests. You will find 120 Gold, a magic key (which is needed to get out of this room) and a torch (allows you to see while exploring caves).

When you're finished exploring the castle, you should head to Breconnary, the town just east of the castle. Don't wander around the overworld just yet. After you're done talking to the townspeople and exploring, head to the weapon and armor shop (it's just north of the town entrance) and purchase the club. It won't be useful for very long, but it makes leveling up easier early on.

Next, take a walk over to the southeastern part of town. Cross the bridge and enter the building there. This is the item shop. Purchase and use the Dragon Scale item and then buy some extra herbs and torches.

Now leave town and walk around the area, fighting slimes to level up and earn some gold. Be careful not to wander too far away just yet, as you might not survive battles with more powerful enemies.

When you reach level 3, you will learn the Heal spell. This will be a huge help to you for the rest of the game, and you should eventually learn to rely on it instead of Medical Herbs. Just make sure to keep an eye on your MP, which is extremely limited at this point.

It's safe enough now to walk farther north to encounter Ghosts and Drakees. Just be sure to head back to town and stay at the inn when your HP is running low. (Or as a money saving alternative, you can go to Tantagel Castle and talk to the man east of the entrance. When you speak to him, he'll refill your MP completely. Then just use the heal spell to restore HP and talk to the man again to restore MP. This was more useful on the NES version when the cost of staying at an Inn was higher.)

Once you have enough GP, it's a good idea to buy the Leather Armor at Breconnary. Don't worry about anything else for now, though. I find it's best to bypass the Copper Sword and Small Shield, as you'll have access to far more useful equipment very soon.

You've probably noticed the cave just north of Tantagel. It appears to be surrounded by desert or sand. As far as I can tell, this area is optional, aside from the information it gives you. But for those playing for the first time, it's exploring is highly recommended. It's good practice for future caves, anyway. Fortunately, there aren't any enemies in here, so reaching the end is just a matter of time.

When you first enter, be sure to use a torch so you can find your way around. The first set of stairs is at the southeast part of this floor. Once you reach the lower level, simply follow the one way path until you reach the tombstone. You'll find out about how Erdrick reached the isle of the Dragonlord in his time. We'll be using the same method, so this is important information.


Once you reach level 4, you will learn the Fireball spell. It's a spell that can be slightly useful for certain enemies early on, but not something to rely on for battles. At this point, you can either head to Garinham, which can be reached by walking north until you reach the sea, then west. Or you can bypass that town for now and go right to Kol. I would recommend the latter, since there really isn't anything that can be done in Garinham at this point in the game. True, there is new equipement to buy, but you can't afford any of it, and the enemies there aren't any good for earning gold.

To reach Kol, head a little north of Tantagel castle, then walk east as soon as it's possible and go across the bridge there. Keep walking east, and you'll see a second bridge. Cross it and go straight north (avoid the swamp for now) and you should eventually see a town surrounded by a forest. You've reached Kol. This is a great spot to level up and earn gold.

First, head into town and go north. You'll see a fountain area. Walk up to it, then go four steps south. Search the area and you should find the Fairy Flute. This won't be needed for quite some time, but it's best to get it now to save time.

At this point, you need to start leveling up. Things may be slightly difficult at first, but you should be fine as long as you don't wander too far away. Skeletons are the most powerful enemies in this area, but they aren't all that common. You also need to watch out for Scorpions. At this point, only the Fireball spell seems to be effective on them. In fact, the only time I ever use the spell is for fighting with them.

Things will soon become easier. You will learn the spell of Sleep after you reach level 7, simplifying these battles even further. It's best to use it when you do encounter a Skeleton.

I recommend staying here and fighting until you can afford the Half Plate Armor (1000 GP) and the Hand Axe (560 GP). I don't consider it worth it to purchase the Full Plate Armor at this point in the game, or ever, since it's not really needed. And that 3000 GP will go a long way towards purchasing the Magic Armor later on. But you can head back to Garinham at this point to purchase the Large Shield if the enemies are still giving you trouble.


Once you reach level 9, you'll learn Radiant and should be ready to go through the cave to reach Rimuldar. Just be sure to save before heading through, since the enemies here will be tougher than anything you've encountered before.

Head south of Kol until you see the swamp that we passed earlier. You're going to have to walk through it, so keep an eye on your HP and use the Heal spell if needed. Enter the cave and cast Radiant. We'll be heading back to this cave later, as there's more stuff to be done here, involving a powerful Green Dragon. But for now, all that's needed is to reach the other side and the town of Rimuldar.

So walk south from the entrance until you reach a wall and can't proceed further. Now go right, down, and right again as far as you can go each time. Head south again and you should see the stairs to your left.

Now it's important to reach the town quickly before the monsters cause too much damage. So head south of the cave, and a little to the right, to go around the rocks. Ignore the first path left and keep working your way south. Take the next possible left, and you should be able to see Rimuldar.

This is the next good spot to level up and buy new equipment. If you have enough GP, purchase the Broad Sword (1500 GP). Now we need to save up for the Magic Armor, the best that can actually be purchased in the game. While it has the same defense rating as the Full Plate armor, it's worth the higher price because it restores some HP as you walk.

The enemies in this part of the world are the toughest so far, and you should stay near the town until you level up a bit. Wolves, Warlocks, Wraiths, and Metal Scorpions are all creatures you'll have to deal with. You'll learn Stopspell at level 10 and can use that on the Warlocks to make them harmless. It's also good at keeping the Wraiths from healing themselves. The other enemies can be handled simply by attacking.

If you walk south a bit (don't cross the bridge yet) you'll encounter Wolflords and Wraiths. There are Goldmen here, too, and these are the key to being able to get the Magic Armor quickly. Each Goldman is worth 650 GP and you'll encounter them fairly frequently down here. Just keep an eye on your HP and head back to town when necessary.

At level 12, you'll learn the spell of Outside, which lets you warp out of any cave. And at level 13, an even better spell, Return, which takes you right back to Tantagel castle from wherever you are on the overworld. Now you don't have to stay so close to towns as long as you have enough MP to warp back.

Before going any farther, you should be equipped with the Magic Armor (7700 GP in Rimuldar), Broad Sword (1800 GP in Rimuldar), and Large Shield (800 GP in Garinham). I recommend reaching level 14. It's time consuming, but worth it. And you can cross that bridge I mentioned before to fight Wyverns if you'd like. They give a little more experience than the rest of the enemies, but are quite strong as well.

There's one final thing that needs to be done before heading back. We can finally purchase some Magic Keys. Enter Rimuldar again and go south from the entrance. Follow the wall all the way around, and you'll soon reach a building where magic keys can be bought. Purchase several, since they're cheaper here than anywhere else in the game. Though you can also find them at Tantagel in a shop behind a locked door, and a shop at Cantlin (also locked)

At this point, use Return to get back to Tantagel (or walk back if you've decided not to level up as much), and be sure to save.


This is completely optional, so if you just want to continue with the mian quest, skip to the next section.

To find the cave where the Fighter's Ring is located, head northwest of Tantagel Castle. Once you get past the rocks, head straight west, then south. Cross the bridge there, and work your way south until you see a small swamp area. Walk east of the swamp and you'll see the cave we need to enter.

Cast Radiant immediately. There's a large pool of water in the center of this floor, and that's what you need to find first. Work your way to the southeast corner of this floor (there are some stairs near here), then go west a bit and you should be able to see it. Follow the fairly narrow path south of the water and then go north as far as possible. Take the next path going south (adjacent to the path you just went up)and you should reach a locked door there. Go through it and down to the next floor.

The fighter's ring is on this floor, near the center. It's worth getting the other treasures as well if you're still in pretty good shape. In any case, equip the fighter's ring once you find it and cast Outside to get out of this place. Heal up at Tantagel and stock up an items.


Level 14 is just a suggestion for rescuing the princess. If you're more comfortable going to a higher level, feel free to do so. It's also a good idea to take some Medical Herbs with you since you may run out of MP during the coming battle.

We need to head back to that Swamp Cave which leads to Rimuldar. Cast Radiant when you enter, and go east this time instead of south. Follow the path, opening the locked door with a magic key, and you'll soon see a Green Dragon blocking your way.

This is the toughest battle of the game so far, and you may lose a few times before being successful. It may be possible to use the Sleep spell, but I've found that the direct approach is often more successful. Simply attack and use the heal spell when it looks like you won't survive another hit. Cast it enough times that your HP is fairly close to full and start attacking again. You'll run very low on MP, and might even run out.

After the Green Dragon is defeated, you'll be able to save princess Gwaelin. She needs to be taken back to Tantagel. If you have enough MP, you can cast Return, but if not, walking back is the only way.

Take Gwaelin to the King and she'll give you a token of her love. You can use Gwaelin's Love as an item to tell you how close you are to leveling up, and how far away from the castle you are (this is very important later in the game).


It's time to start the long walk to Cantlin. This will also involve some leveling and returning to Tantagel to heal will be necessary. Head north of Tantagel and go west as soon as possible. Now work your way south and you should see a bridge. Cross it, and continue south, then east. You should see another bridge to the south. Cross this one and you'll encounter tougher enemies than ever before.

You'll see a town surrounded by desert. This is Hauksness and you should avoid it for now. It's full of challenging enemies and there's nothing that can be done there at this time.

The area south of Hauksness is where the leveling will be done. There are Wyverns, MagiWyverns (Stopspell is very effective on these), Rogue Scorpions, Wraith Knights, Demon Knights, Knights, and Metal Slimes to deal with. Metal Slimes will give you a huge amount of Experience Points, but the odds of defeating one before it escapes are very slim. I recommend leveling up at least once, preferably twice before continuing on. Be sure to save enough MP to cast Return as the walk back is time consuming and possibly dangerous if your HP is low.

The Repel spell is learned at level 15 and will save you from encountering all the weaker enemies that have become so annoying to deal with. It's too bad you can't learn this one earlier.

It's now time to walk to Cantlin. If you haven't already found the Fairy Flute at Kol, do so now. It's important for the upcoming battle with the Golem guarding the town. Make your way back to Hauksness and go south. There are actually two bridges. Be sure to take the one farthest south. The enemies here are even tougher, but it's safer to fight than run away. Cast Stopspell on the Starwyverns and watch your HP...

Walk north and avoid the first bridge you see. Cross the second one and walk south. You should see the town of Cantlin. Make sure your HP is fairly high. When you are about to enter the town, the battle with Golem will begin. With the Fairy Flute item, it's almost impossible to lose. The first thing you should do is to use the flute as an item. It's music puts the Golem to sleep. You can attack freely at this point. If the Golem wakes up, simply use the flute again. Repeat this procedure until he's defeated. You'll get lots of experience points for this easy battle.


There are several shops here in Cantlin, and most of them sell items that youíve already purchased. But thereís one shop that sells the Flame Sword (9800 GP) and the Silver Shield (14800 GP). These are great items to have, despite the high prices. I recommend fighting near Cantlin since you have the inn close by. You won't get huge amounts of GP like you would from those Goldmen, but it will still add up pretty quickly. And leveling up should be pretty easy here as well. But if you really don't have the patience for it, head back to the area south of Rimuldar to encounter the Goldemen frequently. And if you don't want to save money for both items, the Flame Sword is more useful than the shield, in my opinion, especially since the next thing we'll be doing is finding some armor. Once you're finished earning gold, and have reached at least level 17 (for the healmore spell) its time to fight the Axe Knight.


It's easiest to warp back to Tantagel and then head to Hauksness from there. You'll take a lot less damage than if you were to walk back from Cantlin because of the Starwyverns and other tough enemies you would have to deal with.

Once you reach Hauksness, enter the town, and walk south, than east. The The Axe Knight is located on one of the swamp areas behind an abandoned shop. The battle starts as soon as you walk over the correct spot.

The Axe Knight is actually pretty easy to defeat. Cast Stopspell so he won't be able to cast sleep on you, and then just attack. Be sure to use Healmore if necessary. Once he's defeated, search the ground one step to the right of where you are, and you'll find Erdrick's Armor, the best armor in the game. Like the Magic Armor, it restores HP as you walk.


There's a man in Cantlin who tells you of an item 140 steps South and 80 steps East of Tantagel Castle. This happens to be in the large swamp area nearby. Because Erdrick's Armor is equipped, the swamp will no longer cause damage when you walk through it. Walk north of Cantlin and cross the bridge. Walk west and south, crossing the next bridge you see. East of here is the large swamp, and by using Gwaelin's Love, it's possible to find the exact spot to search. Remember, when you hear how far you are from the castle, the numbers should be 140 and 80. When you search the correct spot, you'll find Erdrick's Token, an item needed to complete the game. Use Return to get back to Tantagel.


The Stones of Sunlight must be found in order to make the Rainbow Bridge to the Dragonlord's Castle. And they happen to be very easy to find. You should be back at Tantagel Castle now. Once inside, work your way towards the northern exit, and you should see a locked door to the right. Go through it, then head north to what looks like another exit. Walk out, but not too far. Follow the wall around, and to the south, and you'll eventually reach a staircase. Talk to the Wiseman and you'll be able to collect the Stones of Sunlight. Also check the drawer near the bed for an Acorn of Life, which raises your maximum HP.

XII. THE SILVER HARP In order to get the Staff of Rain, which is also needed to create the Rainbow Bridge, we must first find the Silver Harp. To do this, it's necessary to go back to Garinham. You'll see a large building that's locked with a Magic Key. Enter, and walk to the northern wall. Walk against the wall until you find a spot where you can pass through. Proceed until you reach the staircase. This is, in my opinion, the toughest area of the game. Not because of the enemies, but because of the confusing nature of the dungeon itself. Take some extra medical herbs and torches in case you somehow run low on MP. It might also be a good idea to put your Gold into storage in case you get defeated. Finally, be sure to have Magic Keys on hand as there is a locked door in this dungeon as well. Remember to save enough MP to cast Outside, as walking out of this place is not fun.

You can find an item called the Cursed Belt in here. If you come across it, it's important not to equip it. If you do, it curses you and you need to see a man in the northeast part of Breconnary to remove it. Otherwise, you won't be able to enter Tantagel Castle. I believe the uncursing also results in the destruction of the belt, so it's best to simply sell it.

On the first floor, work your way to the south and east, and you should see a locked door. Go through it, then head west to the stairs going down. On this floor, take the stairs in the southeast part of the room. Now go north to the next set of stairs. Take the final set of stairs up, and you'll finally be able reach the Silver Harp.

Now that the Silver Harp has been found, it needs to be exchanged for the Staff of Rain. West of the town of Kol, you'll notice an area that hasn't been explored before. If you follow this path you'll eventually see stairs. This is where you must bring the harp, and in exchange, you will get the Staff of Rain.


It's time to go back to Rimuldar. Walk south of the town and cross the bridge to reach the small island. It's the one where you often encounter Wyverns. There's a cave on this island, with a Wiseman inside. When you bring him the Staff of Rain and Stones of Sunlight, Sun and Rain meet and you receive the Rainbow Drop. With this item, it's finally possible to reach the Island of the Dragonlord and Charlock Castle.


If you walk to the west side of the island where Rimuldar is located, you'll be able to see the Dragonlord's Island. But you won't be able to reach it because of water blocking the way. This is where you need to use the Rainbow Drop as an item.

When you do, the Rainbow Bridge is created, and you'll have access to Charlock Castle. If you donít want much of a challenge fighting the Dragonlord, your level should be in the mid 20's or higher. Be sure to have lots of herbs as well, so you can save your MP for the big fight.

Head north to reach Charlock Castle. Erdrick's Sword can be found inside, but it is not at all necessary to have it to defeat the Dragonlord. The Flame Sword is more than powerful enough to finish this game with, especially on the Super Famicom version.

In order to get past the first floor of the Castle, you need to reach the Dragonlordís Throne and use the search command behind it to access a hidden staircase.

There's an endless path that you need to watch out for. You'll have to go back the way you came to get out of that area. In general though, work your way down to the lowest floors of the castle. The real trick is to reach the Dragonlord with enough HP and MP to do battle with him.

The enemies here are the toughest in the game. There are Blue Dragons, Stonemen, Wizards, Blue and Red Dragons, and more. Itís best to run whenever possible, though this is a very good place to level up if you arenít ready to finish the game just yet.

Youíll know youíve reached the end when you no longer need radiant or torches. The Dragonlord's room is fully lit. You need to walk all the way around this room clockwise to reach the Dragonlord himself. Make sure your HP is full and you have enough MP to use Healmore several times when you reach him. If not, you might be better off leaving right now to recover and then try it again.

When the Dragonlord asks you to join him, select NO (or you are defeated then and there), and he will attack. This is just his first form, and he's not particularly powerful just yet. Just attack and watch your HP. After taking enough damage, the Dragonlord transforms into his true form and becomes much more powerful.

Donít bother using Firebane on the Dragonlord. Just attack and use Healmore when necessary. It might not seem like youíre doing a lot of damage to him, but press on. Simply watch your HP and don't take risks. As long as you arenít at very low levels, itís a pretty easy battle. If you do have trouble, gain a few levels inside the castle and give it another try.


At this point, you can explore the world and hear praise from the townspeople for your accomplishments. The world is as peace again and there will be no more random encounters. Swamps should be gone as well. In order to finish the game and see the end credits, you need to return to Tantagel Castle. Agree to let Gwaelin come with you and the game is completed. Congratulations! If you enjoyed this game, I suggest continuing with the rest of the great Dragon Quest/Warrior series.



Heal- Level 3- Restores some HP

Fireball- Level 4- Minor damage to enemies

Sleep- Level 7- Enemies fall asleep

Radiant- Level 9- Lights the way in caves

Outside- Level 12- Exit a cave instantly

Return- Level 13- Takes you back to Tantagel

Healmore- Level 17- Restores lots of HP

Firebane- Level 19- Stronger version of Fireball




Bamboo Pole- 10 Gold
Club- 60 Gold
Copper Sword- 180 Gold

Clothes- 20 Gold
Leather Clothes- 70 Gold
Leather Shield- 90 Gold


Club- 60 Gold
Copper Sword- 180 Gold
Hand Axe- 560 Gold

Leather Clothes- 70 Gold
Chain Mail- 300 Gold
Large Shield- 800 Gold


Copper Sword- 180 Gold
Hand Axe- 560 Gold

Half Plate Armor- 1000 Gold
Full Plate Armor- 3000 Gold
Leather Shield- 90 Gold


Copper Sword- 180 Gold
Hand Axe- 560 Gold
Broad Sword- 1500 Gold

Half Plate Armor- 1000 Gold
Full Plate Armor- 3000 Gold
Magic Armor- 7700 Gold


Bamboo Pole- 10 Gold
Club- 60 Gold
Copper Sword- 180 Gold
Flame Sword- 9800 Gold

Leather Clothes- 70 Gold
Chain Mail- 300 gold
Large Shield- 800 Gold
Silver Shield- 14800 Gold


Copyright 2002 CB007

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