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Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
Score: 2.5/5

(Didn't complete the game)
A decent RPG for those looking for an extremely traditional title. The very impressive 2D graphics and funny characters make the game appealing from the start, and the item creation system is an amusing diversion, but I found myself sick of the archaic, easy, and slow battle system before even reaching the halfway point. Another disappointment was the near constant voice acting glitches. From the sound cutting out mid sentence, to dialogue getting stuck and "skipping", it's a very obvious, though occasionally hilarious problem. The game may be worth a try for extremely dedicated RPG fans who think they can handle the dull combat.

Coded Arms
Score: 1.5/5

(Didn't complete the game)
The only reason to play Coded Arms is if you're desperate to play a first person shooter on the go. Difficult to configure controls and extreme repetition keep this from being especially playable. The graphics are impressive only until you realize that you're going to be seeing the same few areas in new random configurations for the whole time you're playing the game. And this is no quick playthrough. You'll have to clear random floor after random floor of enemies while picking up upgrades and new weapons. This is entertaining for the first 30 minutes, before you think to yourself, "This is all?" Stay away from Coded Arms.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Score: 4.0/5

The most nonlinear game around. You can do pretty much anything, even ignore the main story. Amazing number of quests (hundreds), countless NPC's, dozens of towns and other locations, and great items to find. High level of character customization. Some flaws include townspeople that don't feel real enough, a fairly simple combat system, and a lot of serious glitches.

Score: 3.5/5

You should enjoy this game if your expectations aren't sky high. It's not nearly what was promised by the developers, with a short completion time and minimal sidequests... and the nonlinearity is almost completely gone. But it is very entertaining just the same. Nice visual customization of your hero, good music, fun though basic combat system featuring three ways to do battle, and replay value is good and improves further if you limit yourself to a specific class.

Feel the Magic
Score: 3.0/5

This was a fairly unique experience that turned out to be a lot of fun. Feel the Magic is bascially a series of unusual mini-games tied together by a love story of sorts (doing these mini-games to impress and/or rescue the girl of your dreams). The game makes heavy use of the features of the DS, like the touch screen and microphone.

This game has been compared to Wario Ware, but the games on here take a decent length of time to complete. Count on several minutes for each new game, longer for the tougher ones.

For one game, you have to blow at the DS to make a sailboat move just the right amount, for example. Other games have you fighting giant plant bosses, chasing your enemy in a car and using a sling shot weapon to toss people at him, digging in the sand to find lost items, riding a unicycle across a very narrow roadway, fighting back charging bulls, and MANY more. Some of these are on the challenging side, and some are rather simple to win. And there are definitely some games that just aren't as fun as the rest.

You can get through Feel the Magic on the normal difficulty in just a couple of days. But overall, it's a really nice collection of mini-games to pass the time with, and a great demonstration for the features of the system. EVERY game on here makes use of DS exclusive aspects in some way. There are harder difficulty settings and other minor unlockables, increasing the replay value a bit. I highly recommend this as a rental, but I think it's worth a purchase for many people, too.