CB007's Videogaming Archive
CB007's Videogaming Archive

Hello, and welcome to my site! It's purpose is to archive message board topics, game reviews, and other items of interest.

You'll find recent game reviews and older ones that I've revised. There's also a selection of mini-reviews, which generally consist of a few sentences for each game.

August 09, 2009 Update:

I would like to thank Flying Omelette of FlyingOmelette.com and the Port Saiid Forums for offering to host my little site during these tough times.

The main parts of the site are up and running, but some of the smaller sections need a little maintenance, so I've taken them down until they're back at 100%.

Game Progress Topic Museum- These are Game Progress Topics archived from Port Saiid - The Official FlyingOmelette.com Forums. Once a topic is closed, it gets archived here. With so many people posting about so many games, it's a good way to learn something new.

My Game Reviews- Featuring the newer reviews I've written, starting in 2007. Older reviews that I felt were worth updating are also posted here.

Final Fantasy 1 Map Quirks- Some small but interesting quirks of FF1 level design.

Final Fantasy 4 Oddities- Showcasing some hilarious and bizarre situations that can occur by breaking the normal sequence of events.

Chrono Trigger Screenshot Adventure- a selection of screenshots from the game that I found humorous or comment-worthy.

Ezboard Trek- These are goofy comedy bits usually featuring Star Trek characters with TV show and movie dialogue reworked to comment on our community's past and present forum happenings.
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Mini Reviews- The mini reviews are in here, and this section has just been renovated for easier browsing!

CB007's Forum-- Made from concentrate!- Relive the glory days of my ezboard in one megadose of internet greatness!

The closet full of junk- Anything that doesn't really fit into the other sections will go here. Could be TV show reviews, FAQs, or just random things I want to upload. Needs to be reorganized.
(Closed for repair)

Links- Revised the old links page. New additions and site descriptions coming soon!

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