What you're about to do is no different from when ezboard destroyed your forums. They killed millions of posts, too, including your game progress and your nonsense.

Nice try. You know, there was a time when I wouldn't delete a spam post. The the ezboard crash came, and showed me that if there is one constant in this whole universe, it's deletion. Afterwards, I began to realize that it didn't really matter. We're all going to have our posts deleted sometime. It's just a question of how and when. You will, too, Captain. Aren't you beginning to feel the need to purge guard? Deletion is like a predator. It's stalking you. Oh, you can try and outrun it with new forums, archives, new software, but in the end, it's going to hunt you down and erase your posts.

It's the fragility of our posts that defines us. It's part of the truth of our existence.

What if I told you I found a new truth?


Deletion has no meaning there. The predator has no teeth. All it costs is your soul.