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This site has a huge GPT Archive and plenty of my own reviews and other content, but this page is truly the crown jewel of the site. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible reviewing skills of the TWEETER. No game is safe.

NES Batman Review
This game is awesome. Its extremely hard, and has cool music.

You play as M. KEETON, aka Batman. You go around GOTHAM CITY looking to kick J. NICKELSON, aka The Joker's ass, cuz he's really pale and wears ugly clothes. You fight enemies such as Guy who runs at you, Slapping Robot, Jetpack Guy, AND THE LAZY NINJA!

You must punch the living daylights out of these wierdos, or find a little square to use weapons. Batman can throw his classic boomerang that he calls the "bat-a-rang", he can shoot his gun, and he can throw this thing that goes in 3 directions. YES, I said Batman has a gun.

Like I said, its really hard, but somehow really fun.


Snake Eater review
This game ROCKS because you fight a guy who attacks you bees and he does ballet spins. And he randomly yells out "GRENADE" but rarely throws one.

Play this game!
Its hilarious!

MY Sword of Mana review. Contains spoilers though!
The only good thing about this game is Dark Lord. He dies like halfway through, though. The hero is a dumbass, too.

This game is realy easy. The only remotely challeging parts come from when you need to use magic on and enemy, cuz yer magic only does 2 damage.

This game would be cool if you played as Dark Lord and kicked everyone's ass though.


X8 REVIEW!!!!!!111
This game has a flaming cock. A boss named BURN ROOSTER. Its all great except for GIGAVOLT MANOWAR'S and AVALANCHE YETI'S stages as they are crappy ride chaser stages, and no one likes those things. Driving a motorcylce thing you can barely control=not cool. Why Capcom keeps putting them in we'll never know....

The soundtrack rocks something fierce, too. Lots of yummy gee~tar playing.

OH and Vile is in it again and he's green this time.
The voice acting is pretty good, too.